22 things to love about 2 year olds



Babycenter’s latest article advises mothers who exert a big effort dealing with their young kids, what to love about them in this young age. Despite all frustrations mothers experience on daily bases particularly with communication when he gets fed-up of often not having all the words he needs, and mothers get fed-up of all the screaming and lying on the pavement, still there are many upsides to these small creatures at this charming age.

In an article titled “22 things to love about 2 year olds”, the experts advise mothers to focus at things about their young kids that are really taking away all the upset.

  1. The way they dance.
  2. Everything is exciting to them – watching the bin lorry and watering the garden are among the Best. Things. Ever.
  3. They are extremely helpful. Whether it’s sweeping the floor or helping prep dinner – they’re game. They may be a danger to themselves and others, and the mess they make means they’re the most unhelpful helpers ever, but still. We’ll look back longingly at this when they’re 15 and unwilling to move from their bedroom.
  4. They love cuddles (or ‘duddles’), and still need and want us more than anyone else in the world.
  5. They suddenly have preferences and even hobbies – proudly marching around with their toy pram, enjoying their favourite TV show and happily curling up with their chosen book to be read again and again. They’re no longer babies – but actual individuals!
  6. They are completely unselfconscious, a quality I would love to have but definitely lack.
  7. They’re pretty good sports (besides the random and regular rages over the colour of a bowl
  8. They can do more and more every day: solo playing, teeth brushing, climbing out of their cotand up on to the kitchen worktop.
  9. They have So. Much. Energy. Which might not be appreciated at 5.30am after a bad night’s sleep, but it’s to be admired nonetheless.
  10. They are the only humans that can be cute when grumpy. In fact sometimes cuter. Though let’s keep that one between ourselves.
  11. They are total sponges – picking things up super speedily and displaying amazing memory skills.
  12. They gift us with the most hilarious mispronunciations. Like calling baby wipes ‘wipey babes’.
  13. They are way funnier than the average stand-up comic, even if they don’t always mean to be.
  14. They set their own trends and can rock any outfit effortlessly. Even one involving just wellies, a nappy and a sunhat.
  15. They develop and change so rapidly, and can wake up in the morning knowing a new trick or word. .
  16. They enjoy the simplest of pleasures – no lofty standards or complaints of being bored.
  17. They’re fearless, which means you can’t take your eyes off them for a moment, but also have no hesitation in trying new things.
  18. They are the epitome of trying hard. Never one to be put off by the fact they physically can’t do up buttons or their own seatbelt – they’ll never give up, which might be annoying when in a hurry, but it’s also a great life quality!
  19. Whether it’s imitating a song they’ve heard: ‘Shake ‘tof, shake ‘tof’ (Taylor Swift eat your heart out), repeating a muttered swear wordor wanting to have their nails painted just like yours, nobody copies quite as insistently and sweetly as a two-year-old.
  20. Even if their speech is still patchy, they fully understand what is being said to them, and often find ways of communicating what they need. Whether that’s in broken speech, mime or dragging you to biscuit tin and pointing at it while shrieking.
  21. They bring out the best in their parents. Have you ever been as silly with an adult as you are with your toddler? Especially when sober? Being silly keeps you young, and two-year-olds keep you silly!
  1. When they try to hop it is the most adorable thing to watch, ever. And I think that’s a pretty good note to wrap this list of loveliness with.



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