5 Things modern science has yet to invent

SEE-July 10: Ever wonder what would happen if you travelled back in time to the stone ages with an I-Phone ? or to The crusades with a machine gun and warplane ?. People at that time would have labeled you as an out of this world deity or even an Alien from outer space. Imagine if a person from the future flew back in time with a flying car or a learning device that helps you learn while you sleep, what would we label him?

The point is that technology has achieved great advancements over the years and scientists will continue to amaze the world even more as time goes by. So why don’t we jump the gun and try to predict what modern science may bring about in the coming years.

Here’s a list of 5 inventions modern science has yet to create and we hope could be present in the future.

1) Flying cars.

We all knew this will come eventually; it’s all a matter of time really before scientists try to invent an air vehicle to battle the ever crowded streets in the world. It would also look very cool, imagine flying off with a car to finish your daily chores. This would be remarkable.

2) Fully functional Robots.

Although scientists have been able to come up with moderate robotic prototypes, they are far from fully functional. Modern science may one day invent fully functional robots exclusive for each task, like cooking, cleaning, and teaching and even driving. Imagine having fully functional robots capable of fulfilling your hectic daily chores.

3) Virtual simulators.

In the future Video game consoles like play stations, and even brilliant touch platform games like in the Iphone will be a thing of the past. Imagine buying a play station 25 console in which you could magically not just play as your favorite character, but BE your favorite character, not in a sense of wearing a technological headgear like what we have now but actually become the character.

4.) Jet packs

It’s only fitting that with floating cars, we get rocket jackets which operate by fuel and injects you up in the air and onto your destinations.

5.) Under water cities.

Earth is 70% water, Under water we could just have four times the number of creatures we have on land. So how great would humans trying to escape the crowdedness of lands, develop underwater fully functional cities, with the full services you receive on land. Food Sports, you name it.


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