Babies’ Behavior during heat waves of summer

SEE – July 16th: Enjoying summer is certainly different when there’s a baby in the family. Baby center’s experts advise mothers about the behavior patterns of these little creatures during heat waves of summer.

  1. Waking up early

Sticky heat and bright mornings do not bode well for toddler lie-ins.

  1. Being grumpy

In fairness, toddlers don’t need much incentive to flip into a fowl mood over nothing, but when hot and bothered on top of their usual small world issues, things get worse. And the 5am starts naturally contribute to the 11am meltdown over precisely zilch.

  1. Ice lolly obsessions

A near-constant demand for ice lollies, ice pops, ice cream or all of the aforementioned is a behavioral pattern consistent with toddlers, because it helps cool and hydrate him.

  1. Suncream hatred

Toddlers make applying sun cream so much harder than it needs to be. Wriggling like a fish, running away, wiping it into their eye, screaming like a banshee seems to be the standard response.

  1. Refusal to slow down

while adults might be some how lazy during summer waves, Toddlers are ever relentless and won’t stop until they drop.

  1. Refusal to go to bed

‘It’s so bright! It’s so sunny! Let’s have fun! Let’s adventure! Let’s not wind down at all and have Mummy and Daddy kiss their summer evening goodbye because we really don’t need to go to bed, no matter how tired we are!’

  1. Treating their hat like the enemy

‘NO! HAT!’ is a regular from toddlers. Their disdain for this innocent item a daily puzzle and source of sun-related stress to me.

  1. Hosepipe addiction

There’s nothing more fun for an overheated, overtired toddler than water fun right at home. With zero effort needed on mother’s part, this method can calm them down and keep them busy for a while.


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