Birth Anniversary of Icon Classical Cinema “Ahmed Mazhar”

CAIRO, Oct. 10 (SEE) – Ahmed Mazhar was born on October 1917 and died on May-2002, graduated from military college in 1936.

His colleagues were late presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar El-Sadat, as well as Khaled Mohieddin, Abdel-Hakim Amer and other members of the Revolutionary Command Council that ruled Egypt following the July Revolution.

Mazhar liked boxing, shooting and equestrianism which he participated in both the London Olympics “1948” and the Helsinki Olympics “1952”, which prevented him from partaking in the events of the 23 July Revolution.

He entered cinema when he was 40 years old, this drove him in his early beginnings to choose mature roles, such as in “The Road of Hope”, directed by Ezzel-Dine Zulfikar, “The Blocked Road” by Salah Abu-Seif both released in 1958 and “The Curlew Prayer” by Henry Barakat in the following year.

Mazhar emerged in an age ” Omar Sharif” and “Abdel-Halim Hafez” were romantic leads while” Farid Shawqi, Rushdy Abaza and Ahmed Ramzi” were the stars of action films.

He appeared in the historical film “The Advent of Islam” 1951 directed by Ibrahim Ezz-Eldine, while he was still an officer in the cavalry.

It took six years before Mazhar left the military for the sake of acting.


“Doa’a El Karawan Film”

The classic legend has won several awards including an prize for his role in “El- Leila El- Akheera”.

His well-recognized roles “Doa’a El Karawan” starring with actress Faten Hamama, “El Naser Salah El Din”, and “Lan A’tref”.

Mazhar showed in every character he portrayed an obvious dexterity in comprehending their psychological dimensions and dramatic motivations.

Ahmed Mazhar died at the age of 85 in his country house in Giza, after making around 150 films.

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