Dar Al-Uloom’ Dean: We Aim to Educate 170 leaders, host foreigners to confront extremism

CAIRO, Oct. 8 (SEE)- Dr. Abdul-Rady Abdul-Mohsen, Dean of the Faculty of ‘Dar Al-Uloom’ in Cairo University, said that the College has trained and offered skills to 170 student leaders in order to plan, manage and hold official positions in accordance with the instructions of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to colleges and institutions.

He explained to ‘SEE’ that the college conducted series of tests to chose from the 430 students who applied for the ‘Leadership Preparation’ program.

He pointed out that students were trained for 90 days during summer on a number of human development courses and cultural leadership, planning and organizing workshops, with the help of external experts. Army female officer students also participated in the training.

Abdul-Mohsen pointed that the college announced a second phase of the project after conducting the first one successfully, remarking the readiness of 170 leaders who could engage in any national events and provide the needed services.

The college’s strategy is to educate students, encourage them  to shun  any form of extremism against the country, confront it, in addition to innovating curricula, renewing the religious speech and implementing ideas of tolerance, coexistence and acceptance of others.

He clarified that the college opened its doors and hosted ‘Bait AlAela Al Masry’ to ensure the concepts of nationalism and national unity are implemented. A reception of symbols of the national movement of Copts in the college was held and westerners were hosted to give lectures to students.

The Dean noted that 1500 foreigner students of Arabic and international nationalities study at the college and a specialized office is established for them, as they are a source of national income to the country. He stated that an Arabic diploma and special professors are being prepared for non Arabic speakers.

He assured that Dar Al Uloom graduates are distinct worldwide, combining between the traditional teachings of Al-Azhar university and the modern sciences of literature studies. A graduate proficient in the Arabic language and Islamic studies will become a unique teacher in future.

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