Egyptian Defense Attaché in Morocco: October’s Victory Remains Glorious Day

CAIRO, Oct. 9 (SEE)- Colonel Abdul Mohsen Hassan, Defense Attaché in the Egyptian Embassy in Morocco, assured that October war’s victory will continue to be a historical day full of glory, dignity and pride to every Egyptian and Arab.

Hassan stressed that the unique relationship between Egyptians and their army will be written down in history, as the armed forces answered the people’ s call amid both 2011 and 2013 revolutions to pave the way and save the nation.

The colonel pointed out that the armed forces is sharing with Egyptians their dreams and supporting them to overcome obstacles.
He said that the armed forces is partnering in building a new Egypt and at the same time renovating its branches and installing the latest armament systems maintaining its rank as one of the most powerful armies in the world.

During his speech, Hassan added that as Egypt celebrates the 45th anniversary of the glorious October victories; it remembers and salutes with pride all the Arab brothers and friendly countries for their supports. He saluted first and foremost the brotherly Kingdom of Morocco and the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces for their sincere cooperation; wished the Kingdom of Morocco all progress and prosperity under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

His remarks came during a celebration held by the Defense Attaché at the Embassy of Egypt in Morocco, in a hotel in Rabat; on the occasion of the forty-fifth anniversary of the glorious October victories. The colonel praised Egypt in solving its crisis; to achieve victory in its difficult battle against the forces of extremism and terrorism to restore stability and move towards development.

At the end of the ceremony, Hassan gifted a commemorative shield in the name of the Egyptian Defense Office in Morocco to the veteran Moroccan Colonel Hassan Al-Alawi, an alumni of the Egyptian Military College in 1962 and member of the Moroccan Association of University Graduates and Institutes for his role in strengthening relations between Egypt and Morocco.

The ceremony was attended by Ashraf Ibrahim, Ambassador of Egypt in Morocco, Ambassador Fuad Akhreif, Director of the East and Gulf Department and Arab and Islamic Organizations in the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a number of dignitaries, Arab and foreign defense representatives accredited to the Kingdom and leaders of thought, culture, art and media led by journalist Younis Mujahid; President of the National Council of Press and representatives of the Egyptian community in Morocco.

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