Egyptian exports reached 7.2 billion dollars during the first quarter

CAIRO, JUNE 17 (SEE) The Egyptian Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics said  that the total value of Egyptian exports during the first quarter of this year reached about 7.2 billion dollars.

The agency added, Egypt exported crude oil valued at $ 476.703 million and oil related products valued at $ 93.677 million, and various kinds of coal worth $ 38.625 million.

Furthermore, Egypt exported cotton valued at $ 52.690 million, onions with $ 28.524 million, Potatoes with $ 134.722 million, and peanuts were exported with a total value of 23.110 million dollars.

Egypt exports pulses, fruits, marble, sand, linen, cotton yarn, cowhide, essential oils, spices, legumes, lemons, tomatoes and oranges.

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