Eva Klesse Quartet Performs in Cairo

Interveiw by :Nour El Houda Fouad 

CAIRO, Oct 11 (SEE) – Goethe Institute theatre hosted the German band of star Eva Klesse in its first performance at Middle East attended by very enthusiastic audience.

The quartet band, which was performing within the framework of the annual Cairo Jazz Festival (CJF), had to return once again to the theatre and perform one last song to thank the audience for their great reaction after the concert was ended.

Eva’s quartet performed six songs with its 4 musical instruments used by the band and including piano, drums, saxophone and contrabass.
Speaking to ‘SEE’,Klessa explained “We arrived at Cairo 4 days ago, and we immediately went to the pyramids and had a walk by the Nile and watch the buses.. It was also great to get to taste the Egyptian food, especially ‘fool and ta’meyya”.

(Kelassa team at the pyramids )

She added that they listened to oriental music while being transported in Cairo, “but what has most thing that caught our ears was the call for prayers, which is repeated 5 times a -day”.
She said that the quartet is preparing a surprise to its audience which is mixing the oriental ‘Ney’ instrument with their music, after one of the band members bought it from Cairo.
The quartet is heading to “Damahour” governorate’s Opera to perform a concert and another at Alexandria Jesuit Cultural Center tomorrow.

Eva is a musician and drummer. She established her quartet in 2013 and got famous quickly for their jazz music. The quartet released two albums so far.

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