Facts about “Royal Jewellery Museum” in Alexandria

CAIRO, Oct. 1 (SEE)- “Royal Jewellery Museum” , located in Alexandria in the palace of Princess “Fatema El Zahraa”, is one of the largest museums in Egypt.

The palace is a rare gem of architectural excellence that was constructed in the 19th century.

The Royal Museum  houses the jewellery and ornaments that  queens and princesses of the last royal family in Egypt used to wear.

After the Egyptian Revolution in 1952, all the royal jewellery was expropriated and remained in governmental stores for a long period of time.

A report by the General Administration of Expropriated Money recommended that this jewellery should be used to establish a museum that would display the treasures to the whole world.


“Gold piece”

The committee that was specified to establish the Royal Jewellery Museum was attracted to the Palace of Princess Fatema El Zahraa.

The palace  showcases a uniquely European architectural style  designed by French, Italian, and Belgian architects. It was erected following the school of “Michael Angelo” using the calm style of coloring and decorations.

The Palace consists of two large sections:
The eastern section has two halls and a gallery with a bronze statue of a boy in the center of it. The walls of this section have rich colored windows decorations all over.
The western section consists four large halls with three bathrooms that were coated with decorative colored ceramics.


“golden insignias”

The Museum has more than 11,000 piece that include the collection of Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfik that consists of 12 cups made of bronze and gold, 2,753 lobes of precious stones and diamonds, and a money bag made of gold.

The Museum displays the collection that dates back to the ruling period of “Said Pasha” that consists of some golden watches,Turkish, Egyptian, and European insignias decorated with gold and diamonds, and 4000 Roman, Persian, Byzantine, and Coptic coins.

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