For new mothers.. ‘SEE’ provides tips on how to choose nursery

SEE – July 31st: For a new mother, choosing a nursery is a very big issue. Many mothers tend to delay the step of enrolling their baby in a certain nursery until they are able to talk, citing security reasons. They believe that waiting until their babies talks, will enable them or het to express feelings about the place and the people there, as well as enable them to voice any complaint they might have and tell if anything went wrong during the day.

Other mothers who do not have this privilidge of waiting until their babies gets talking tend to choose a nuresery based on advice from friends or relatives or past experience for one of them about the place; whether it’s good or bad.

‘SEE’ thinks about you and provides you below with certain steps you need to take when deciding about the place and who will replace you for some hours with your little one.

If you’re having your first baby going soon to a nursery then you need to make sure of certain things that will assure you and his dad about his safety and wellbeing.

1.      Visit as many nurseries as possible to properly compare between their places, prices and services they offer to your baby. Remember when visitng a nursery to go at the middle of its working hours, in a surprise visit by a potential client, and that is to check  on the daily routine and how they deal with enrolled babies.

2.      Talk to one or more of the nuresery officials and try to match what they say with what you see. Try also to spot the amount of credibility their talk imply. Ask about the games and activities the babies do there.

3.      Make sure there is a sufficient number or workers and division of responsibilities, that is, a teacher, for instance, should not be responsible about changing diapers or even feeding the little ones! in addition make sure that the number of teachers and nannies is sufficient for the number of babies enrolled in each class.

4.      Get a deep and closer look about the cleanliness of the place, babies clothes, and try to notice their collective mood. Try to get a sense whether they are being treated gently or harshly.

5.      Make sure about the safety of the place, location and ability to be watched from inside. Many nurseries now have cameras covering every inch of the place.

6.      Ask if there is a written report to be submitted by the end of the day about your babies feeding, health and mood.

7.      Have a look on the website of the nursery along with its pages on social media and notice the comments posted by past clients about the place and its administration.

Eventually when you choose a nursery that is going to replace you for some hours with your little one, you need to keep your eyes on your baby, never grant a permanent trust to a place or a person unless you make sure they truly deserve.

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