Forbes Shows How to Plan for Marvelous Trip to Egypt

CAIRO, Oct. 3 (SEE) – Forbes, the well-known US magazine, shed light on the way for planning a wonderful trip to Egypt explaining that the political unrest is over and the conditions of infrastructure had been improved here over the past four years.

Titled “It’s back to Egypt!” Eric Monkaba, a founder at Tripscaper and Backpacker Concierge companies, wrote the article showing how to enjoy your trip in Egypt.

Monkaba said that any trip to Egypt has to include a visit to Cairo and the Pyramids Plateau. But he offered a question on which the article focuses which is how to entertain yourself by visiting Upper Egypt area.

Pyramids Plateau

He concentrated on two major destinations; Luxor and Aswan, explaining their history and the most famous archaeological sites in each of them.

Monkaba wrote about his favorite hotels where visitors will surely feel comfort.

One of the most beautiful things that Monkaba does is cycling in Luxor, saying “I especially love incorporating a bicycle ride along the western bank of the Nile through the villages and sugar cane farms whenever I visit.”

In the article also, he tackled why sailing down in the Nile River is attractive mean to explore Egypt’s beauty. In a three-night cruise, tourists could see several archaeological sites between Luxor and Aswan.

Luxor Temple

He recommended the best river cruise firms which any tourist could have the best tourism experience ever, showing some pictures from the vessels’ cabins.

The articles is like a guideline for anyone who seeks visiting Egypt. It provides precise information about hotels, sites, and vessels tourists should tour.

Such kind of articles represents a soft power for tourism in Egypt, as it reflects the increasing trust of the world in tourism here.

Nile Cruise

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