From Italy, Japan to Kazakhstan.. Cairo University SupportsTourism

CAIRO, Oct.10 (SEE)- University of the Third Generation, the term launched by the President of Cairo University Mohamed Osman Al-Khasht, to emphasize the role of the university cultural and enlightenment. It is also a platform for foreign students from different countries.

El Khosht, said to “SEE” that hosting Italian students who studied at Center for Arabic Language and Culture is an important message that Egypt is a safe and stable country and emphasizes the confidence of foreign countries in Egypt.

“There are 17 students from Italy who have learned Arabic, which reflects Italy’s confidence in our country and its stability,” he said. “Cairo University is opening its doors to all foreign students from all over the world to study in it.

El Khosht pointed out that the Italian students mixed with their Chinese colleagues

inside the university, which is a strong message on the role of Cairo University, stressing that the university supports the tourism sector and encourages foreign students and their families and friends to visit Egypt and support tourism.

He explained that  a delegation of students from Japan, Kazakhstan and other Western countries will visit Cairo University soon, pointing out that the number of foreign students in the university has increased in an unprecedented manner, and received the University 4,200 students new arrivals in addition to the number of expatriates.

“Peace wouldn’t be reached except high levels of understanding among the world’s peoples and approaching education systems,” he added.

He also pointed out that the Cairo University targets up to 700 Italian students, noting that several nationalities are learning Arabic in the center including French, Russians, Koreans, Armenians, and Germans.

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