GUC students design projects to help children with autism

Students of faculty of applied sciences and art at German University in Cairo (GUC) completed their graduation projects in fields of product design, multimedia, information and communication and graphic design. The projects aim to solve social problems.


GUC student presents their projects

The first project was made by Maram Sleim, a multimedia design student. She designed an educational game for children with autism. The game encourages children to communicate with each others. The children are required to answer some math equations.

Youssra Abd-Elrahman presents her project

The second project is also an educational game which belongs to student of product design Youssra Abd-Elrahman titled “Kan Ya Makan” or “Once Upon a Time”. The project is based on narrating stories for children about the Golden Age of Islam, the game includes 6 different editions.


Each edition discusses some of the hero’s morals such as kindness, creativity and passion for discovery.

One of the stories revolves around heroine Zubaydah bint Jafar, Queen of Iraq and wife of Harun Al-Rashid. She is one of the most important women of Abbasid Caliphate. She used to design water well system along the long paths.

By the end of the story, Zubaydah asks a child to help her in building a castle and providing water well for other people. Children can build models with the material included in the game.

The third and last graduation project is by multimedia student Dina Salam who produced a 15-munite documentary that displays 6 photographs narrating how she lost her grandfather to Alzheimer.

The documentary explains the meaning of the memory and how it shapes the character of a person.

-Translated by Hana Khaled

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