Healthy tips for fat loss

‘SEE’ continues to provide its readers with healty tips for a better lifestyle.


  • Never skip meals.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Maxemize the thermogentic effect by keeping protein levels up, increasing activity, and taking supplement factors.
  • Vigorous resistance training will maintain or increase your lean body mass (muscle). Muscles burn calories, which means that, for every pound of muscle gained, you will be burning more calories and increasing the rate of fat loss.
  • Do not drastically reduce your total daily caloric intake.
  • Reduce fat intake to under 25% of total daily calories.
  • Increase foods high in fiber and complex carbohydrates to help satisfy hunger.
  • Avoid foods high in salt and fat, like all processed foods and snack foods.
  • Eat fresh foods.
  • Do not fry foods or use oil or fat in the cooking process. Instead bake, broil. or microwave foods.
  • Avoid using heavy sauces on foods.
  • Read food nutrition labels. Look for foods that have less then 2 grams of fat per 100 calories.
  • Eat fat free foods.
  • Eat low fat protein foods.
  • Use low fat protein supplements to help meet daily protein requirements.
  • Eat egg whites as a snack to help reduce hunger pangs at night.
  • Do not eat out daily and avoid eating fast foods. These foods are usually high in fat, salt, and calories.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables.



Athletes usually do not have a problem losing body fat when they stick to the targeted fat loss approach discussed above.The Primary problems you may have encountered in the past had to do with the quality of weight loss. Fat loss, muscle toss and water weight loss result from gimmick diet Plans. By following the above approach, you will easily start to lose body fat and reach your new body composition goal.

Most at the population at large is interested in looking for quick weight toss gimmicks that are easy use. They want a magic pill or food that melts away fat. While many of these diet programs can reduce weight, recent evaluations report that they have less than a 10% success rate in keeping the weight off. This is because these plans do not use real food and do not advocate sensible exercise. They also result in loss of lean bodydy mass, which means lowering your metabolic rate. When you lose lean body mass, even if you are losing fat., your percentage of body fat may not change or even increase  if the amount of lean body mass lost is greater than the body fat lost. Avoid weight loss gimmics and drugs. Use this integrated approach, an approach for life.

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