Immigration Min. Launches “Speak Egyptian” Initiative

CAIRO, Oct. 8 (SEE) – Minister of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram launched on Monday “Speak Egyptian” initiative during a conference in collaboration with the National Council For Childhood & Motherhood (NCCM) and the Nahdet Misr For CD Replication.

The initiative comes to maintain the Egyptian identity and cultural identity of the Egyptian children who live abroad to link them with their homeland, Makram said in press statements on the fringe of the conference.

The minister noted: “The initiative’s idea came during my visits abroad where I found the Egyptian families face difficulty in teaching Arabic for their children, a matter which made the children face bullying.”

“The initiative isn’t only directed to the second and third generations of Egyptian abroad but also it is directed to their families,” she add.

“It includes a cartoon film on the Immigration Ministry’s website,children learning  Arabic in addition to interesting information about Egypt,” she continued.

She thanked the education minister, the NCCM and Nahdet Misr for launching such initiative, saying it reflects the state’s keenness on keeping in touch with the Egyptians abroad.

Meanwhile, Dalia Ibrahim, Nahdet Misr’s CEO, said the initiative focuses on learning Arabic correctly through using the most common Egyptian words, adding that the Pharaonic civilization and Egyptian history will be used in the learning process.

“I have a dream of learning the third and fourth generations of the Egyptian expats Arabic in the Egyptian style to be always linked with their homeland,” Ibrahim pointed out.

“The initiative comes in a great time as Nahdet Misr celebrates the 80th anniversary on the occasion of its establishment in the next month,” she added.

She underlined that the initiative will be implemented in successive phases; the first one will include children from two to eight years old.

She expressed her happiness for cooperation with the ministry and the NCCM in launching the initiative.

During the conference, the three bodies signed the protocol of “Speak Egyptian” Initiative.

The protocol stipulates offering an interactive educational program for learning the Egyptian children abroad Arabic through the ministry’s website.

A technical committee is formed from the three bodies to follow up the implementation of the initiative, according to the protocol.

Translated by: Hassan El-Khawaga

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