At GUC Grad. Ceremony: Min. of Immigration: Female Graduates Will Join Cabinet in Near Future

CAIRO, Oct 8 (SEE) – Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram expected that female graduates of the German University in Cairo would join the cabinet in the near future.

Makram said in a speech she delivered in the second day of GUC’s graduation ceremony “We are 8 female ministers in the current cabinet, and I’m certain that other female graduates would join the cabinet in the near future”.
For the past academic year 2017 – 2018, 391 students  graduated from faculty of Pharmacy and biotechnology, 147 from Civil Engineering school and 147 from Architecture.
The Minister explained that she is taking part in the ceremony as a representative from the government, and that she follows all the activities organized by the university.
She also noted to the quality of education the student receives in the university and how well they are prepared to enter the job market.
She thanked Dr. Ashraf Mansour, chairman of board of trustees, who could facilitate the involvement of the university, with its intellectual and technological capacities, in all the ongoing national developmental projects such as diminishing slums.

She also noted that the university supported the country with scientific researches it conducted.
The Minister then talked to the graduates and said that whoever would travel and work abroad among them, should never forget his country, and know quite well that he owes it as well as his university a lot. “You are our ambassadors abroad and the soldiers in the war our country fights.. You are going to defend it through your sense of affiliation as well as your deep rooted identity.. This will be your real weapon,” She said.
The Minister added that for those who are going to work inside Egypt, they are certainly needed in the national projects being implemented which really need a lot of science and knowledge. “The power of Egypt is not measured through money but through its people and its youth capacities”.

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