New World’s first 3D Full-color X-Ray

SEE – July 18th: X-rays are a type of electromagnetic energy waves, first discovered by William Roentgen in 1895. MARS Bioimaging company developed the world’s first 3D full-color X-ray. The ‘MARS large bore spectral scanner’ uses a mind blowing medical technology which is originally improved by CERN, the “Medipix” chips  to make  X-rays more vivid than ever.


The system has been in development for nearly a decade, such medical machines facilitate the process of capturing the detailed colored organs, and soft tissues of human bodies. It offers accurate results that can help doctors to avoid surgeries in some cases.


The scanner can be used to examine cancer, vascular diseases, joint health, and bones. “In all of these studies, promising early results suggest that when spectral imaging is routinely used in clinics it will enable more accurate diagnosis and personalization of treatment.”, said Professor Anthony Butler, a co-developer of the technology.


The developed X-ray still needs to go through various of tests in order to be officially used in clinics

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