Pray for Salma..Bone Cancer Fighter, Super Woman

CAIRO, Oct.11 (SEE)- Please Pray for Salma El-Zarka, Bone Cancer Fighter and Super Woman. She Really Needs It. Today El-Zarka  is undergoing an arm amputation surgery.

Three years ago, El-Zarka has been diagnosed with bone cancer, which is rare, according to the American Cancer Society.  In July 2018, Salma announced on Facebook there was a recurrence and that she was ready for this fierce battle. Unfortunately, bone cancer is very aggressive. Her worst nightmare came true. So please keep her in your prayers.

All along her journey since she was first diagnosed with cancer, El-Zarka never lost faith or hope. She has been fighting like a warrior for her life, and sharing her story of hope, through inspirational messages she posts on her Facebook page.

In July 2018, she wrote, “I truly need a miracle this time. Some things in life happen to you when you least expect it. Things that are too difficult for the mind to comprehend. God prepares you for these moments every single day even though you are not aware that He is. You spend all your life facing obstacles and passing through hardships, until you are ready enough for your biggest battle.”

She also wrote, “I never imagined that the human soul can endure so much pain and still survive. … Pain purifies and disciplines the soul. It makes you fearless.”

She described the recurrence as “more difficult and more dangerous, because it’s much more vicious. This time is the closest I have ever been to death. In moments like these, you start to realize that no human being’s support will ever be enough to make you strong except something more divine.”

“No matter how much we plan for the future, set dates and mark our calendars, God has everything perfectly planned out for each and every single one of us. Like pieces of a puzzle falling into place. I am sure that God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. Now I feel brave, strong and broken; all at once. It’s a blessing.”

Last week she said, “Nobody said it was easy,” Salma wrote. “Amputation was just a word to me until today…”

Today is Salam’s 6th time in the operating room, “And my instinct was right,” she wrote. “This time turned out to be my biggest battle of all. That’s the thing about war. Once you’re there in the battlefield, there is no backing down or else you’ll die. And I made myself a promise that I will not let Cancer take me down INSHALLAH.”


About how she would feel after the surgery, she wrote, “I refuse to be called Handicapped or Disabled. I don’t see myself like that and I will never do. Cancer couldn’t break me. Nor losing an arm will. You must be thinking that my life is falling apart. But trust me, it’s not. This right there, is just the beginning.”

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