Qalawun Complex.. Center of Religious Ceremonies

CAIRO, Oct. 8 (SEE) – Qalawun Complex is Located at El- Moez Street in Cairo. The complex was built by the Mamluk Sultan El-Nassir in 1304 AD in honour of his father Qalawun.

The complex includes a mosque, educational school, hospital and a mausoleum was built by the Sultan “El-Nasir Muhammad Ibn Qalawun” in the 1280s where “Sultan Qalawun” is buried.

The Mausoleum of “Sultan Qalawun” is considered the 2th most beautiful mausoleum, after the “Taj Mahal” in India.

  “Qalawun Mosque”

The Qalawun Complex was center for important religious ceremonies and rituals for years, stretching from the Mamluk dynasty through the Ottoman Empire.

The Mausoleum’s Dome was demolished by the “Ottoman Governor” in Egypt” Abdul-Rahman Katkhuda” and was rebuilt in Ottoman architecture.

“Qalawun Complex”

The current concrete dome, which is a replica of that covering the Mausoleum of “El-Ashraf Khalil Ibn Qalawun” in “1288”, was built by Max Herz Bey in 1903.

The exterior structure of the Qalawun complex has many unique firsts in architecture and the funerary complex is still well preserved.

The Complex was to be the earliest example of an “Urban Aesthetic” in Mamluk architecture.

The interior decoration includes marble revetment, painted, gilded wood, carved marble, and stucco.

” Interior Qalawun Complex”

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