Salt might not be harmful for your health

SEE-August10: A  new controversial study published on Thursday by Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) of McMaster University in Ontario found that salt might not be harmful as people think.

The study followed 94,378 individual from 18 countries, aged 35 to 70, for an average of eight.

The authors claimed that very low levels, below 5g, of salt appeared to put people in the study at greater risk of cardiovascular disease, but this was contested by other researchers.

The study found higher sodium intake was associated with increased blood pressure and increased incidence of stroke, but this was found mainly in countries that eat high levels, above 12.5g of salt a day  like China where soy sauce is used extensively.

The safe amount of salt for anyone is two-and-a-half teaspoons (five grams) ; for those who eat too much salt, their diet must include fruits, vegetables, dairy foods, potatoes, and other potassium rich foods.

Associate Professor Andrew Mente said, “While low sodium intake does reduce blood pressure, at very low levels it may also have other effects, including adverse elevations of certain hormones associated with an increase in risk of death and cardiovascular diseases.”

Lead author and associate clinical professor of medicine Martin O’Donnell said, “There is no convincing evidence that people with moderate or average sodium intake need to reduce their sodium intake for prevention of heart disease and stroke.”



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