Saturday’s diet: Food and Beverages healing arthritis

‘SEE’  continues in this section advising its readers with nutrition tips that help them with living a healthy life. This week’s tip is on the food and beverages that help with healing arthritis as analyzed by Dr. Hisham Elamry, Professor of nutrition, member at the American Society of Nutrition, member at Egyptian British Society for the Study of Obesity Diseases. He holds  a General Diploma in Sports Nutrition from the American Society of Health.


  1. Leafy vegetables

The only green leafy vegetables, such as watercress and parsley, have a large amount of alkaline metals such as calcium and magnesium. Beside their benefits in the treatment of inflammation, they are good for the overall health of the body.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most important drinks for cold and winter infections. A recent Danish study found that ginger exceeds the clinical cures for nonsteroidal inflammations, such as ibuprofen. Ginger can also be added to food or mixed with cinnamon and tea.



  1. Fish

Eating fish regularly on weekly basis strengthens immunity and help in the treatment of long-term bone infectionsas the fish oil positively affect the the immune system, and contributes to reduce the secretion of “cytokines” which harm bones and cause inflammation.

  1. Olive oil

One of the most important oils with healthy olive oil. It is very useful for specially the aged people. The regular use of it can help in healing the bone inflamation. That is beside containing omega 3 and omega 6, which are very good for mental and memory health.

  1. Peanuts

They contain many vitamins and minerals important to the body along with some fatty acids beneficial to bones and mental health, too.


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