SEE Interviews Record Holder for Longest Dive in History

CAIRO, Oct. 9 (SEE)-  Believe it or not a 14 year old Egyptian Reem Ashraf Fawzi is about to enter the Guinness World Records for one of the most unique activities on the planet “diving”. The world record for the longest open saltwater scuba dive by a female diver is about to be claimed by Fawzi. She is reported to have stayed under water in the Red Sea for 55 hours.

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The dive was carried out in the “Gulf of Aqaba” near Sharm el Sheikh which started last Wednesday 3rd October The Record has yet to be ratified by Guinness World Records, but the organization was reported to have agreed to consider the bid even though Fawzi was below the usual age limit for such records.


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SEE asked Fawzy a few questions concerning her big accomplishment, which raised the name of Egypt up high.

When did you start diving? And What attracted you to the activity?

I started the sport about two years ago, I always liked looking at divers when they dive at the sea.

What are some of the traits that people who practice diving must have?

Patience, power,focus ,action and fast reactions.

Why did you choose this activity precisely?

I always loved the beauty of Egyptian seas in South Sinai, Sharm Elshekh always grabbed my attention that’s why I like diving.

What are the biggest problems you were exposed to?

The biggest problem was always challenging myself and proving doubters who said that 14 years old is too young that I can do it. I faced a lot of hard times in order to prove them wrong (Pharaohs make miracles and conquer the impossible).

What are the essentials that helped you in achieving this historical feat?

A perfect coach, a perfect divers team, perfect equipment, following a hard planned training schedule and above all praying to god, and the prayers of Egyptians.

How did you feel when you knew you broke the world record?

Raising my country’s name up high in this field and breaking the norms that a 14 year old must follow.

What do you plan on doing next in your life?

Try new amazing activities such as (Free parachuting jumping).


The existing female record was held by 38-year-old Australian diver Cristi Quill, who spent 51 hours, 25 minutes under water in California in July 2015.

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