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Sherine Abdel Wahab، Hossam Habib to announce marriage soon

 Sada ElBalad-Yara Sameh
Gulf journalist، Rabei Huneidi revealed that Egyptian singer-actress، Sherine Abdel Wahab is willing to announce Saturday evening, her marriage from Egyptian singer, Hossam Habib, and to celebrate it.He posted a picture of the couple on his Instagram account، congratulating them، and announcing the news.

Egyptian singer-actress، Sherine Abdel Wahab، and Egyptian singer Hossam Habib relationship had raised controversy on January 25، 2018، after rumors of her secret marriage to Egyptian singer Hossam Habib.

The superstars became the talk of the country، ranking the no.1 on Twitter’s Middle East trending list، just hours after rumors of their secret marriage had spread.

In statement to “Sada ElBalad” Website، Hossam denied rumors about marrying Sherine، stressing that this news is incorrect and that everything، and that they are only close friends.

“I am currently outside Egypt، preparing for several new projects، which I hope my fans like”، he added.

The singers are known for their strong friendship and have been seen together on more than one artistic occasion، and with their friends، which had stirred controversy by appearing together in more than one photo.

Habib’s ex-girlfriend is Miss Egypt 2009 Elham Wagdi، is also one of Sherine’s close friends. The trio appeared together on many occasions before the couple broke off and Elham disappearing from the scene، without giving reasons.

Many do not know that، but Habib was in a long relationship with Miss Egypt but was trying to keep it from the press.

It was also rumored for years that Sherine is in a secret relationship، and even marrying her former manager، Yasser Khalil، which both parties denied، in contrast to sources close to them already confirmed their relationship، meaning that this kind of news and rumors is not new in Sherine life.

Yet، its all silence in Sherine’s front، which leaves the door open for future rumors in the coming period.

ON Wednesday، both singers had left Egypt separately، in a coincidence that may be unintended and may be otherwise.

Noteworthy، the rumor was created after Hossam’s father، Hussain Habib، posted a picture of them together on his Facebook account، and caption it “My son’s bride”، but despite the Habib’s denial of his marrying Sherine، and his father backing-off from his words، and deleting the post from Facebook.

Earlier، Hussain stressed in a press statement that he will sue the newspapers that promoted the rumors and demanded an official apology.

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