South Korean Embassy in Cairo Celebrates Foundation Day

CAIRO, Oct. 6 (SEE)- The South Korean Embassy in Cairo held a celebration marking its Founding Day. Yoon Yeo-Cheol, South Korean ambassador to Egypt, expressed his gratitude to President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi who sent a message of congratulations to Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea, and the people of Korea on this occasion

The ambassador explained that the reason South Korea chose the 3rd of October to mark this occasion dates back to an ancient legend. The legend says that the divine emperor’s son descended on Earth in the Korean Peninsula and established the first kingdom of Korean people in 2333 BC. In Korean, the festival is called Gaecheon” which means “Opening of Heaven.”

Yeo-Cheol talked about the historical relations that connect Egypt and South Korea elaborating that both countries enjoy ancient civilizations and are linked by a strong friendship for a long time although the official diplomatic relations started late in 1995. The bilateral relations has developed fast especially after the historic visit of his Eminence President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to South Korea in March 2016, in which a comprehensive cooperation partnership has been adopted.

Regarding industrial cooperation, Yeo-Cheol mentioned that in the mean time there are 40 Korean companies operating in Egypt including Samsung and LG whose exports bearing the logo “Made in Egypt” 200-500 million dollars each. In “Mustarad”, there is the petroleum refining company ERC that is being set up by the Korean company GS and will save 50% of Diesel consumption in Egypt.

On cultural exchange, many Egyptian Youth enjoy the Korean k-pop music and performances as well as the Korean drama that is aired on the Egyptian television. He pointed out that Egyptians are learning the Korean language and 35000 Egyptians practice the Korean martial art Taekwon-Do.

The ambassador remarked, in his speech, the positive developments that occurred in the Korean Peninsula after it was on the brink of war as President Moon Jae-in sent an invitation to North Korea to take part in the Winter Olympics that South Korea hosted earlier this year.

Their biggest surprise was when North Korea accepted the invitation and 3 meetings were held in 5 months between the two Koreas, while the US and North Korea in June had their first summit ever in Singapore.

The final summit between the two Koreas adopted the historic Peyong-Yang announcement that will lessen military tensions, encourage economic cooperation initiatives, reunite separated families, work on cultural exchange, and nuclear disarmament.

The ambassador concluded that there are other obstacles to overcome, but with patience, determination and the support of their friends like Egypt in the global community, their journey towards peace will continue in the Korean Peninsula.

This article was originally written by Dr. Radwa Abdullatif for SEE.

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