Upcoming blockbuster movies for 2018 fans will be delighted to see

The Incredibles 2

Over 14 years after the release of it’s predecessor which scored a massive popularity, Disney is looking to revitalize the story through a second part of the movie, but only this time hero Mr. Incredible will be left at home to care for the kids while his wife goes out and fights crime.

Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom.

Jurassic park is one of the most successful movie franchises in history. It relaunched it’s franchise through the successful Jurassic world which landed over a billion and half in the box office. Jurassic Worlds is looking to maintain these strong numbers in it’s sequel which promises to be even more fun than it’s predecessor.


Antman and the Wasp

Fresh out of its biggest movie Avengers infinity war, Marvel will be looking to capitalize on the movie’s overwhelming success by releasing a sequel to the first Antman movie, which became very popular around the world due to it’s light tone and plot, the sequel will be introducing the wasp character which will be portrayed by Evangeline lilly fighting alongside her Antman 1 partner Paul Rude as Ant man.


Hotel Transylvania 3

Fun and with a modern plot the first two parts of this movie franchise proved to be very successful, the movie combines black comedy with hilarious shenanigans. The concept behind the scariest villains in history like Dracula Frankenstein and the mummy turning from blood thirsty horror movies in of itself is a hilarious concept, and as the fans expect part 3 won’t disappoint.


Tom hardy will have a tough task at hand in Sony’s new project which sheds the light on the Spiderman universe. The movie will feature one of Spiderman’s main villain the venom’s back story, life and how he came to be, whether this movie succeeds or fails will determine how the rest of Sony’s new project plays out.


Sky Scrapper

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is not considered to be the world’s highest paid actor for no reason, just fresh off his block buster Rampage, The Rock will be looking to keep the momentum going through his latest disaster move Sky Scrapper which has similar quality’s to his previous disaster movie San Andreas.



After the underwhelming performance of the DC universe’s justice league last November the DCEU will be looking to compensate by the release of this single Aquaman movie which stars Jason Mamoa as the king of the seas in a make or break movie for the DCEU, the movie also stars Amber Heard who reprises the role of Mera

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